• Chuck Watwood


Daytona Bike Week is upon us, Thunder Beach is right around the corner, plus we all could use a break. That means many of us have trips and rides planned into Florida. Many people think that Florida doesn't have a helmet law, but that's not correct. Florida does have a helmet law and it can be found in 316.211 Florida Statutes. To summarize:

In Florida, a person may not operate or ride a motorcycle properly wearing protective headgear securely fastened upon his or her head which complies with Federal Motorcycle Vehicle Safety Standard 218 announced by the United States DOT. HOWEVER, a person over 21 years of age may operate or ride a motorcycle without wearing protective headgear if he or she is covered by an insurance policy providing for at least $10,000 in medical benefits for injuries incurred as a result of a crash while operating or riding on a motorcycle.

One way of complying with the requirement of at least $10,000 in medical benefits is to add Medical Payments or “MedPay” coverage of at least $10,000 to your motorcycle insurance policy.

Regarding other insurance coverages, we always recommend that motorcyclists purchase “add-on” or “excess” Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist coverage (UM/UIM) in an amount equal to your liability limits on all household auto, motorcycle, and RV policies. Call our office anytime for a free review of your motorcycle and auto insurance policies and if you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Florida or Georgia, or if you are hit in another state by a Florida or Georgia driver, we offer free case evaluations for potential clients.

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