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Common Motorcycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them

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Riding a bike is risky—but that’s part of the thrill. Unfortunately, accidents are no laughing matter when they happen. At Lawbike Motorcycle Injury Lawyers, our Georgia motorcycle accident attorneys meet with many men and women who were gravely injured in a crash, often caused by a negligent or reckless motorist. We understand how hard it is to come back from a serious accident. For that reason, we want to encourage our friends on two wheels to avoid an accident in the first place, if they can.

In this article, we look at some of the most common accidents and identify what steps to take to avoid them. Call our offices to meet with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Georgia if, despite your best efforts, you’re involved in a collision.

Lane Change Accidents

Many bikers get struck when a motorist makes a lane change on a multi-lane highway. They do not even see you and therefore pull directly in front of you or even run you over. Lane change accidents often happen at high speeds, so bodily injuries tend to be serious.

The best way to prevent this accident is to:

  • Make yourself visible. No one is looking for you, so you need to stand out. That means bright clothing, headlights, and so on.
  • Don’t linger in blind spots. If you’re passing, then get going.
  • Use your horn. Bikes have a horn for the same reason a car does: to alert someone that you’re in their blind spot. Use it if you see a vehicle pulling into your lane.

Left-Hand Turn Accidents

This is a common accident at intersections. A car driver is usually hanging out in the intersection waiting for a string of cars to come through before they make the turn. Often, they don’t even see a motorcyclist bringing up the rear, so they turn too soon.

We wish people were more careful. The best way to avoid this accident is to be alert around intersections. Look up ahead to see if a car is hanging out with a blinker on, ready to make a left-hand turn. You should also slow down so that you can minimize any damage if you do end up colliding. Be prepared to take evasive action.

Rear End Collisions at a Red Light

Too many of our friends get smashed from behind, often while they are waiting at a red light. There are some common reasons why motorists don’t slow down:

  • Intoxication. Drunk drivers can’t see clearly and their reflexes are delayed.
  • Fatigue. Tired drivers are very slow to react, or the motorist might have even nodded off briefly and driven straight into you.
  • Distraction. A motorist who is looking at their phone might not even see you stopped at the light, so they fail to slow down before plowing straight into you.

Bikers are vulnerable when stopped at an intersection. It’s hard to take evasive action, but we recommend looking in your mirror constantly for traffic coming from behind. If someone is going too fast, you can pull to the side of the lane.

You might also take advantage of cars already stopped in front of you. For example, you could pull up beside one, which could provide a cushion if a car comes crashing in from behind.

Rollovers on Gravel

Bikes will flip whenever their weight shifts dramatically. “Tripping” on gravel is a common situation. You can easily flip when you accidentally hit gravel at high speeds. This might happen when going around a corner or when you become distracted and fail to maintain your lane. All it takes is one second to go off the road and you can end up on your back with a serious injury.

Avoid this accident by paying close attention whenever you are riding. You should also take corners carefully. You can enter the turn going slow and exit it by going faster. Also, exercise caution if you are riding a new route because you won’t know if there’s a blind corner up ahead.

Call Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Georgia after a Wreck

Did another motorist crash into you? If so, you are probably dealing with significant bodily injuries. At Lawbike Motorcycle Injury Lawyers, our clients suffer from some of the most devastating accidents imaginable: paralysis, brain injuries, and amputation. We invite anyone injured in a wreck to call our firm to discuss their collision. Based on our analysis, we can advise whether you are entitled to file a claim on the motorist’s insurance or possibly file a lawsuit. Our consultations are free.

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