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Georgia Motorcycle Handlebar Height Rules

Photo: High Handlebars by Michael Sauers

Handlebar height is regulated by O.C.G.A. §40-6-314(b) which states:

No person shall operate any motorcycle with handlebars more than 25 inches in height above that portion of the seat occupied by the operator…

There might be some confusion surrounding the measurement of the “portion of the seat occupied by the operator” and the height of handlebars as per Georgia’s motorcycle laws. The challenge arises from the curved design of many motorcycle seats, prompting questions about where to begin the measurement – at the lowest point, the highest point, or an average of the two where the operator sits. Similarly, uncertainties exist about measuring handlebar height – should it be at the end of the grip, the highest point on the bars regardless of hand or grip position, or an average of the two?

Unfortunately, the statute lacks specific guidelines for measurement, and there hasn’t been a Georgia case where a court has interpreted these standards. Depending on the interpretation of these measurements, it’s conceivable that some modern factory original production motorcycles could potentially violate Georgia’s handlebar height law.

In 2015, the Georgia Legislature attempted to remove the handlebar height restriction from the law through the “Motorcycle Mobility Safety Act,” but the act was vetoed by Governor Nathan Deal and did not become law. Subsequently, in 2016, the Georgia Legislature modified the height to 25 inches, replacing the previous restriction of 15 inches, and this modification was signed into law by the governor.

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