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Articles by Chuck Watwood

Charles W. Watwood, Jr. is a contributing author to Full Throttle Magazine

A Magazine for Motorcycle Enthusiasts. Below are samples of articles submitted by Chuck. Full Throttle Magazine is available by subscription or can be picked up free at most local motorcycle dealerships. Don’t miss a copy!

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Full Throttle Magazine Cover Photo

Law Bike Feature Articles:

New Lane Splitting Bill Introduced
Georgia State Rep. Matt Gurtler,(R-Tiger) along with four cosponsors have introduced a bill that would allow lane splitting when traffic is stopped and the motorcyclist is traveling at no more than 10 mph. H.B. 490 has been read twice but has not been scheduled for a hearing…Read more

Stay Cool In The Summer Heat
We all enjoy living in the South for relatively mild winters, but that means we have to endure some brutal summer weather! These tips can help keep you cool while riding in the hot Georgia sun…Read more

Air Medical Transport Program for Motorcyclists
Summer is almost here, and vacations, long-distance rides, and rallies are on our minds. Traveling can be a life changing experience, hopefully for the better. But what if you have a medical emergency while you are away?…Read more

Motorcycle Fatalities Fell in 2013
For only the second year since 1997, US motorcyclist fatalities are projected to decrease in 2013, according to a new analysis of preliminary state data…Read more

Motorcycle Passengers in Georgia
Passengers on a motorcycle are regulated by Georgia Code, including the type of seat, the location, and safety features…Read more

Bill Introduced to Stop Funding for Motorycycle-Only Checkpoints
On May 7th, US Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis) introduced a bill to prohibit the US Transportation Department from providing funds to state and local authorities to be used for motorcycle-only checkpoints…Read more

State Laws Unclear About Hearing Protection
Riders risk permanent hearing loss due to wind noise at highway speeds. Even with a full-face helmet, riders experience wind noise around 100 decibels at 70mph…Read more

GA 400 Emergency Lanes and the Diverging Diamond
Ordinarily, it is illegal to drive on the shoulder or emergency lane of a highway, and even worse to drive on the wrong side of the road…Read more

Europe Mandating Anti-Lock Brakes on Motorcycles
The European Parliment has approved a proposal to require ABS on all motorcycles and trikes exceeding 125cc beginning in 2016…Read more

Guns and the Motorcyclist
If you have a valid Georgia Weapons License, you have many more rights and affirmative defenses as to when, where, and how you carry your weapon. The Georgia Weapons License is often referred to as a CCW,Concealed Weapons Permit, or Concealed Carry Permit. Georgia is considered a Shall Issue state…Read more

Full Throttle Magazine’s Bike of the Month: August 2012
This modified 1973 Triumph is owned by Chuck Watwood of Shown here are some of the unique design, engineering, and fabrication to come out of Jailhouse Choppers…Read more

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Celebrates 40 Years
This year, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) celebrates 40 Years of providing motorcyclists education in support of its mission to support motorcyclists and save lives…Read more

ABS Equipped Motorcycles Have Lower Crash Rate
A new study by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) indicates that new riders of motorcycles with antilock brakes (ABS) file 30% fewer insurances claims…Read more

Newer Helmet Technologies
Helmet manufacturers are including more comfort and safety features in their more recent designs. Icon's Variant helmet passes the toughest safety standards in the world…Read more

New Bill Threatens Rights of Insureds and Injury Victims
Two members of the Georgia House of Representatives have introduced HB960 which, if it becomes law, could negatively affect both an injured person seeking an injury settlement, as well as the insured person the insurance policy is designed to protect…Read more

Impact of E15 on Motorcycles and Other Alternative Fuels
Congressman James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) has introduced HR3199, a bill that would require the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to seek independent scientific analysis on the affects of 15% ethanol blend gasoline…Read more

Youth ATVs Now Exempt From Lead Law
Back in February 2009, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CIPSA) went into effect, which banned making, importing, distributing, or selling any product intended for children 12 or under that contained more than a specified amount of lead in any accessible part that may be ingested. ATVs designed for children 12 and under were banned…Read more

Motorcycles and Handguns: November 2009
With the growth of urban areas such as Atlanta, Georgia still maintains a distinctly rural character when it comes to gun regulations… Read more

Ride Smart!
As motorcycle instructors/educators, we often hear our customers express the desire to learn to ride “safely”… Read more

Why report your motorcycle accident to your auto insurance?
Any time you are involved in an accident, report the accident as soon as possible to all Insurance companies of… Read more

Split Limits Insurance Policy
Most motor vehicle insurance policies in Georgia are written with split limits for liability and uninsured motorists… Read more

Georgia’s Good Samaritan Law
All 50 states have a form of the Good Samaritan Law. These laws are designed to encourage people to… Read more

Georgia Move Over Law
We have had several clients ticketed recently for Georgia’s Move Over Law. The law is designed to make drivers more… Read more

What is the helmet law in Georgia?

Georgia code section 40-6-315 (sections A and D), below, governs Georgia’s helmet law… Read more

What is the best way to avoid a motorcycle accident?
The Hurt Report states that 92% of motorcycle riders involved in accidents were… Read more

Twisty Sisters Rally
On the weekend of August 18, Chuck Watwood (the Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney) and I went to T.W.O.… Read more

Every Mans Dream: Halloween at the Playboy Mansion
Every Man's Dream
Attorney Who Rides
Attorney Who Rides
Bamboo Forest @ International HOG Rally - Costa Rica
Cabin Fever Party

Full-Length Articles:

Key West Peterson Poker Run 2013
Chuck Watwood of and I decided to go on this poker run six months ago. How many months does a man need to pack a bag? I mean really? Socks, tighty whities, a pair of jeans and a black shirt (possibly washed), duct tape, hammer, some wrenches and spark plugs. This is not rocket science… Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6

No Whiskey - No Wabbits
After the usual questions had been answered: Yes honey, I will always love you. No, there will be no trouble because Chuck’s going with me, and you know he always looks out for me (Not). And yes, I will buy you two shot glasses from the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Blvd. (maybe) I started to pack. So begins the third saga of Ric and Chuck’s great adventures in weird and wonderful places… Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6

LawBike's 2011 Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction Report
On January 6th, 7th, and 8th, Mid America Auctions held their 20th annual motorcycle auction in Las Vegas. I especially like this auction because you can walk among the motorcycles and get a good look at them…Read more

Chuck Watwood's Cabin Fever 2 Party
After the success of the inaugural Cabin Fever Party in January 2009, it was pretty a easy decision that there would be a Cabin Fever 2.… Read more

Never Say Never or Chuck and Ric at the Playboy Mansion 2009
This year 2009, marks the 40th anniversary of “Easy Rider” starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. The most famous of all “Biker” Movies.… Read more

Chasing Easy Rider in the Big Easy
This year 2009, marks the 40th anniversary of “Easy Rider” starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. The most famous of all “Biker” Movies.… Read more

The Maiden Voyage of the Behemoth
The Inaugural run of “The Behemoth” AKA Chuck Watwood’s ( mobile billboard is sadly being presented to you by me, “Pasty”.… Read more

Ric and Chuck Vs. the Volcano
Once again Chuck Watwood ( and myself, Rotten Ricky, decided it was time to once again go boldly where no sane person had been before… Read more

What Happens in Las Vegas…
Once again Chuck Watwood from mentioned to me that there was an important event coming up. That’s Chuckspeak for “Road Trip!”… Read more

Keith’s Bucket List, Daytona Bike Week Checked Off
My 2009 Daytona Bike Week started off a little behind schedule. It has been my experience that if you go somewhere with one other rider, you can meet.… Read more

Come See the World Famouuuuss Bluuuues Bruuuuthers!!!
That was the introduction boomed out on the Tabernacle stage Saturday evening, February 7, at the Earl Small’s Blues Brothers Charity Rider to benefit the Hillel organization.… Read more

Every Man’s Dream—Ric and Chuck at the Playboy Mansion in 2008
The phone rings, I pick it up. Chuck Watwood, the Motorcycle Attorney, says, “Hey whatcha doin’ this weekend?” I reply… Read more

Chuck and Randy Snyder of Full Throttle Magazine next to volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii
Volcano—Big Island, Hawaii
Bamboo Forest @ International HOG Rally - Costa Rica
Bamboo Forest—Costa Rica

Cabin Fever Party
Chuck Watwood,, thought that with it being such a cold winter and everybody being stuck inside or driving a cage that it would be a great idea to have a “CABIN FEVER” party… Read more

Georgia’s Biggest Bike Night—Triple Play
Triple Play Sports Grill’s first bike night of the year on April 2nd was a roaring success! The bar, located at 2685 Buford Highway in Buford, GA got things started.… Read more

Local Riders with a new World Record
Some Olympic world records are set by achieving the fast time, some by physical strength, some by finesse, but all by.… Read more

3816.5 Miles for a T-Shirt?
I’ve never written a story for Full Throttle before but I figured that this one may be worth telling… Read more

The Keys, The Fantasy, and the End of the Road
So here we were Chuck Watwood, “The Biker Lawyer”, and I, sitting on the patio at Double D's… Read more

Harleys in Paradise (A cheeseburger just don’t cut it any more!)
A little bit of buffeting wind, the plane dropped suddenly, and we broke through the clouds,… Read more

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